Owner of a successful children's fashion label and expecting her fourth baby,
we chat with super-woman Belinda Sunday about her journey as a mother and a mumpreneur. 

Baby number 4!! You’re pretty qualified in the mum department… what advice would you give a first time mum?

EEEK I know number 4!  I still can't believe it. I feel so blessed that I am going to have a baby in the house again!

But, I haven't had a baby for almost 7 years so I hope I am not out of practice. 
What I have learned by number 4 though is to really enjoy the newborn stage and soak it all up. It really goes so fast! And to keep simple, Babies don't need lots of stuff. There is so much on the market these days it's easy to get caught up. 
As long as bubs is loved, has a warm bed, a few good pieces of quality clothing that wash and wear well and is fed you are set! oh and nappies buy lots of them!

How are you preparing your other kids for the arrival of the new baby?

One thing we did do differently the 4th time around was find out the sex of the bub for the children so they could start bonding with him! Yes, it's a boy! We already have 2 boys 9yo &11yo and a girl 6yo.
We will involve them in as much as we can with short listing the names and getting his nursery ready. The children also have a choice to be present at the birth too, so I am currently preparing them for that life changing experience.

You run your own kidswear label @sundaythelabel… How do you balance being a mum (of 4) and running your own business?

Yes I especially love designing baby and kidswear but it is a constant juggle to be working with a handful of young children. I attempt to have a good balance of working while the kids are at school or sleeping but sometimes it doesn’t go to plan. My main priority is to make sure everyone is happy and healthy, which makes my job easier. 
I try not to do any work between 4pm - 8pm, which enables me to do school pick up, dinner and extra-curricular activities then it's back on the laptop when they are asleep.


What inspired you to start your label @sundaythelabel?

It was a natural progression in my career. I had worked in Fashion for a very long time as a Senior buyer & in Product Development. I saw a gap in the market in 2011 and was just playing around with designs and prints and then it took own a life of its own.

What’s the once piece of advice you’d give mum-prenuers?

If there is something in your heart you really want to do or try. Don't wait for the right time, just jump in and do it. With kids, there really never is the right time.

Who is your style icon and why? 

Hmmm hard one...if you asked me this 12 years ago my answer would be completely different. But Realistically, anyone with washed hair and dressed in clean clothes because they had time to do all their laundry! Hahaha! But if I had to choose 1 pregnant style icon who is relevant right now, definitely Meghan Markle, loving her pregnancy style.

What’s your “must have” piece of maternity clothing?

Comfy good quality Denim jeans. My uniform when I am not pregnant is Jeans, Tees and trainers! I am loving the Margot Skinny Jeans  from PIAP and can't wait to continue to wear them after bub is born -while nursing until I can fit back into my regular jeans.