Meet Beth... A midwife, a mama to be, and the INCREDIBLE woman behind @birthwithbeth 💛⁠

Beth started @birthwithbeth a year ago in the height of COVID panic when maternity services were quickly changing and there we so many unknowns for pregnant people.⁠
If you haven't discovered her Instagram, we highly recommend that you do!!⁠ @birthwithbeth is an absolutely GOLD MINE of information for all things pregnancy and motherhood, delivered with compassion and confidence. ⁠
Beth is our latest Pea in a Pod MUSE MAMA and we're honoured to be able to collaborate. ⁠


What's the most common information requested from you as a midwife? 
Why do you think that is? What's your response? 

Recently I have found a huge influx of questions about induction of labour.

Honestly, I think the influx of questions relating to this topic is a reflection of Australia’s really high induction rate, so many people are facing discussions with their care provider about being induced and there is a lack of un-biased information available to help people navigate the decision.

When I chat to people about induction, I always encourage them to consider risk vs. benefit and ask, is this intervention going to greatly reduce risk of harm to me and my baby? It’s super tricky because each pregnancy is unique, what is the right decision for one person may not be for the other.

This is your first pregnancy, how do you feel being a midwife has affected your journey?

While there are challenges to knowing lots about the process I think it’s a huge privilege to have so much knowledge as it’s allowed me to feel confident and really enjoy the process. For the most part I’ve felt incredibly calm. There has of course been times when it’s been difficult to leave work behind and focus on me, but ultimately I’ve loved experiencing something that I’ve supported others in for so many years.


Is there anything that you have learnt unexpectedly about pregnancy that you have never been 'taught'. 

Absolutely. I have always empathised with women about their various pregnancy experiences, however experiencing pregnancy for myself that empathy has deepened. As a midwife I focus predominately on the clinical care. As a woman growing a baby, I now realise that even a “normal” or “low risk” pregnancy (while hugely joyful) can still be incredibly challenging. No matter what your pregnancy has been like, it really is a transformative time… not just in the sense that your body is changing but you are thinking about, and adapting to, so many changes.


What’s your “must-have” piece of maternity clothing?

Soft but snug over-the-bump black exercise tights. On days when nothing else feels right, the active wear look has been a real go-to. I say “look” because I can’t say I’ve been as active as the outfit suggests.


What will be the first thing you enjoy post-partum that you couldn’t have while you were pregnant?

A glass of prosecco.

Do you feel self-conscious of your body while pregnant? 

For sure! As amazing as the pregnant body is – it’s different and the physical change is rapid (at least it was for me). Starting the day to find most my wardrobe no longer fitted made me pretty self-conscious, as did the sudden increase in cup size. That said, I have loved watching my bump grow so have tried to lean into it.

What’s the most awkward thing about being pregnant?

Hands down the most awkward part of pregnancy is people who wouldn’t usually touch or comment on your body… touching and commenting on your body. I think all pregnant women can relate, but I’ve had people say the strangest things to me.


Do you have education packages that you offer? 
Talk us through how they might benefit a new mother? 

I do! Through my small business ‘Birth With Beth’ I offer birth & postpartum preparation classes via Zoom in both private and group settings. Very soon, I am releasing an online course made up of pre-recorded modules, meaning couples can work their way through a wealth of knowledge in their own time. My courses combine current evidence with industry experience and are designed to make people feel safe, supported and confident heading into birth and new parenthood.  





Beth wears (from top to bottom)  Olivia Nursing Top & Hudson Ponte Leggings; Raina Nursing Dress; Jade Nursing Top & Aya Knitted Track Pants; Selah Nursing Sweat in Pink & Maxine Track Pants; Perla Merino Nursing Dress and Livia Longline Cardi.