Meet the gorgeous Hailey, a working mum of two with number 3 on the way.
A master of taste and style, Hailey is renovating a stunning 20's bungalow in Adelaide. She somehow also finds the time to create the most gorgeous images of her and her bambino's on her instagram @our.happy.mess. 
We chat with Hailey about manifestation, creativity and the power of "winging it".



You’re a working mum with two kids, AND you’re renovating a gorgeous home… do you have any time management hacks? 
Lists, I have a list of everything I want/need to achieve for that day or week. I only went back to work a year ago and it has been a huge adjustment for us all. 

I also write 3 big goals for the year for us to achieve could be renovation related, holidays or things we want to buy. I believe in manifesting what you want to achieve.

You’ve got the most beautiful instagram feed, How do you get your girls to sit still and comply with your stunning images?
They don’t always and I don’t push that... if they don’t want a pic I won’t take one. My eldest is getting to the point where she doesn't want to be in the pics as much and that is ok. My feed is about fun and creativity so I don’t like to put pressure on myself to get the right pic. 

How are you preparing your other kids for the arrival of the new baby?
We talk about baby a lot, what it means to be older siblings. What it will mean for mum and dads sleep


What, or who are your go-to resources for your pregnancy and motherhood journey?   
I kinda just wing it. I have always researched but only take what I like or what works for us. I have never been one to follow everything or strict routines. I love attachment parenting and believe in just enjoying the crazy journey that is motherhood. Also, Google (haha)



Do you feel self-conscious of your body while pregnant? 
No I enjoy my pregnant body, it’s so special.


Who is your style icon and why?
I don’t think I have one, I like all different styles and love adding vintage pieces to my wardrobe. 

What’s your “must-have” piece of maternity clothing? 
I have been living, like honestly living in my Bailey Long Sleeve Crossover Dress from you 😍 it is so comfy and looks so great on!!!