“Kids have started to avoid playing with your little boy at kindy” were the words that shattered mum-of-three-to-be @_lifewithlou_ and started her journey with ADHD & Autism. We sat down and chatted with Louise about the highs and lows of motherhood; dealing with a diagnosis, H names and surviving having 3 under 5.

What’s the most awkward thing about being pregnant?
That awkward bump stage. When it’s more then bloat but not quite an obvious bump. Mine hit over Easter, so people were not sure if I just indulged on chocolate a bit too much!
You’ve already got two babies, Harrison & Hazel… Is your third baby’s name going to start with H? and why H?
We never planned on two H names, I just fell in love with Hazels name and that’s what she was always going to be. This time was much harder to come up with name ideas, and we had no idea where to start with other letters. So yes.. we went another H.
How are you preparing H&H for the arrival of their new brother or sister?
They are a bit older this time so just by chatting to them they seem to understand. I think putting together a nursery has helped them understand a baby is actually coming home as well. But we will see how prepared they actually are once we bring baby home!
And, how are you preparing YOURSELF for having 3 babies under 5? 
Ummm I have NO idea to be completely honest. Life is already pretty hectic, I’m hoping Bub just fits in with our crazy life.
You posted a few months ago about your eldest, Harrison being diagnosed with ADHD and mild ASD (autism).
How did you feel when you got this diagnosis?
Yes! So at first I felt relieved about this diagnosis, like I have been searching for answers for years now about his differences. It felt great that there was some reasoning. However I was also a little scared of the labeling and judgement he would recieve as well. So many emotions! I also have quite severe anxiety, so a lot did run through my head at this time too.. so I definitely felt relieved, scared, terrified about the unknown.. literally every feeling possible.
And how do you feel about the diagnosis now that you’ve had a few months for it to sink in?
So after a few weeks, and after a lot of mums contacted me in similar situations. I was told to get a second opinion. Harrison was very young, only 4. They don’t tend to diagnose ADHD so young unless it’s pretty severe, and also our diagnosis was made after such a short observation, plus she really pushed for him to be medicated right away. This made me a little uneasy!
So I did seek a few different opinions from different specialists. Which to my surprise came back very different (minimal concerns). It’s not to say he still isn’t on the ASD spectrum or have ADHD, but it doesn’t effect who he is, and we have made the call to have him properly re assessed once he starts school. Around the age of 6. I wasn’t ready to medicate my little 4 year old, and with a few simple changes at home he is honestly already a different child, plus in the last few months he has really matured. (We tried to change up his diet, took away the iPad, gave him more activities like puzzles etc, and he just loves learning new things so have given him more opportunities with that as well.)
How does this diagnosis affect your motherhood journey?
It doesn’t! I guess as mums we just have to evolve and adapt to whatever life gives us. Harrison is Harrison. He is a beautiful bubbly sweet little bow regardless of any diagnosis he is given. If anything we just need a little more patience and understanding.


What is your must-have item of maternity clothing and why?

My absolute favourite is the Bailey range! I have lived in my favourite grey Bailey Dress for 3 pregnancies now and it’s still as perfect and comfy as when I purchased it 😍 the new pink crossover bailey dress is a favourite from the amazing new spring range!